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Your Advocate For Recovery After A Motorcycle Accident

South Dakota is a fantastic place to ride your motorcycle. With its scenic open roads, bike shows and the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, motorcyclists can relish in their passion. However, there is always a chance that an injury could prevent you from getting back on the road.

At The Shultz Law Firm, Prof. LLC, I fight to get you the compensation you need to recover and get back to your life. As an experienced personal injury attorney, I create thorough strategies to help my clients move forward. You can leave insurance issues and other difficult legal matters in good hands.

Serious Injuries Call For A Robust Response

Some of the most common injuries that motorcyclists could suffer in a crash include:

  • Broken bones, such as in the arms, legs, ribs and hips
  • Road rash and burns, which can cause disfigurement, scarring and possible infection
  • Traumatic brain injuries and concussions
  • Neck and spine damage, which may affect nerves or cause paralysis

Crashes can occur both during daily riding as well as special events. At the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, for example, motorcyclists reported over 100 accidents, and roughly half of those accidents caused injuries. Motorcycle accident injuries may range from minor scrapes to life-changing conditions.

When a crash puts a stop to your fun – or worse, leaves you with critical health issues – I can help you. Based in Rapid City, I have experience holding insurance companies fully accountable for what they owe for an auto accident according to the policy. I will be ready to detect when they offer a lowball settlement – and contend in court when necessary.

I Protect Motorcyclists’ Rights

Sometimes after an accident, other people might automatically assume that the motorcyclist was reckless or does not deserve fair compensation. At The Shultz Law Firm, Prof. LLC, I stand up for motorcyclists, including out-of-state bikers. I work to ensure that unfair assumptions and profit-seeking insurance tactics will not impact your claim.

Get a free consultation with an award-winning trial lawyer to learn about your rights. Before speaking to your insurance company, call 605-608-8893 or email me for straightforward legal advice.