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Protecting Whistleblowers Who Report Health Care Fraud

If you believe your employer is committing health care fraud, you are doing the right thing by reporting it. At The Shultz Law Firm, Prof. LLC, I am committed to protecting people who report their employers’ wrongdoing.

As a lawyer committed to whistleblower protection, I represent physicians, nurses, administrative personnel and other health care workers throughout South Dakota who have noticed incorrect or illegal practices in their workplace, such as:

  • Deviations from appropriate procedures
  • Illegal kickback schemes
  • Miscoding and unbundling
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud
  • Medical negligence
  • Self-referrals to entities where the physician has a financial interest
  • Physicians promoting their own devices instead of better alternatives

With my extensive experience, I can both protect your interests and help investigate the fraud or other wrongdoing you observed. I will work with you to develop facts to support your claim. With my background in complex litigation, you can rely on my experience regardless of how complicated your situation may appear to be. I will also ensure you receive any financial settlement you may be entitled to.

Protecting Whistleblowers Against Retaliation

Whistleblowers have legal protections against retaliation. That means your employer cannot fire you, demote you or otherwise mistreat you after you have reported wrongdoing. I will ensure these rights are protected.

Discuss How I Can Help You Do The Right Thing

Whether you think you may have observed wrongdoing or have already reported it, I can advise you on how to navigate the process.

Call my Rapid City office at 605-608-8893 or contact me online for a free consultation. When you hire me as your attorney, you always work directly with me – not an inexperienced associate or paralegal.