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The true risk of rural roads over city streets

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Car Accidents

Do you feel like the traffic congestion in the city puts you at greater risk? Are you always a bit nervous driving on these packed streets because it feels like you could get involved in an accident at any second?

While you’re certainly not wrong that there is danger on city streets, or that congestion can lead to accidents, the reality is that rural roads are often much more dangerous. You feel safer, with less traffic around you and the wide-open pavement stretching in every direction, but this feeling is an illusion. Why is this?

The distance to the hospital

One thing to consider is that declaring rural roads to be more dangerous usually just means stating that too many fatalities occur there, considering how few people drive on them. Part of the equation is simply that these rural accidents are far from medical centers and hospitals. Many people only have minutes to live after a serious crash. Downtown, they may survive since emergency crews are on the scene instantly and the hospital is two blocks away. In a rural area, they could have injuries that are less severe and still not make it because of the delay in medical care.

The speed limits are higher

Assuming everyone drives the speed limit — which we know isn’t the case — they can drive faster on most rural roads. This may be legal, but it still increases the risks. If you’re going 25 miles per hour when a semi pulls out in front of you in the city, you may be able to stop or slow down before the crash. If you’re going 60 miles per hour, you have far less time to react and may suffer far more serious injuries.

You need to know the risks

Every time that you drive, you face certain risks. You could be catastrophically injured. A loved one could be killed. It doesn’t matter how safe the road feels. These risks are real and you must be aware of them.

If you do get injured in an accident when another driver commits an error and causes the crash, you also need to know what legal options you have to seek proper financial compensation