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A rise in speeding drivers

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Firm News

Proper road behavior makes roadways a safer place for everyone. By avoiding common distractions like eating or adjusting the GPS or radio, drivers can help save lives every day. Despite these commonsense ideas, there has been a recent increase in reckless speeding instances and a resulting increase in the potential for catastrophic injuries.

In the last few months, the roads have been less populated. While most would see this as an opportunity to enjoy little to no traffic, others have taken a different opening. One person decided to drive more than 190 mph in an area with a 70 mph speed limit. Driving this fast is extremely dangerous in many ways.

How speeding can kill

When a driver is speeding to the point of nearly three times the speed limit, their options of avoiding danger have practically vanished. If another driver were to turn onto that roadway, the speeding driver would have nearly no opportunity to prevent them. On top of this, any sudden change in course is hugely likely to send the speeding vehicle rolling into other people like a wrecking-ball moving at 190 mph.

In a lot of car accidents, victims commonly walk away with minor cuts and bruises. In an accident resulting from this level of reckless driving, victims may not survive the crash. Those who survive will likely receive catastrophic injuries like brain or spine damage, nerve damage, loss of limb, or paralysis.

It is not worth the cost

A quick joyride on what appears to be a deserted road can instantly turn into a horrific accident that devastates the lives of the victims and their families for the rest of their lives. Even in these different times, speeding is not worth it.